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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ataturk, Peace And The Republic

"Ataturk, Peace And The Republic Published: 10/30/2007 BY DERYA SAZAK MILLIYET- Turkey celebrated the 84th anniversary of the Republic at a time when Ataturk’s saying, ‘Peace at home, peace in the world,’ is still important and a cross-border operation against northern Iraq is still being debated, because the terrorist PKK, which is trying to make the Kurdish issue into a ‘separatist’ one, started to use its weapons again. The nation’s feelings of solidarity and sadness due to victims of terrorism tinged this year’s enthusiasm for the republic. The determination, reflected in messages yesterday against the risk that the war and invasion started by the US in Iraq in 2003 would draw Turkey into the Mideast swamp due to terrorist PKK attacks, showed that everything was ventured."

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