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Friday, September 29, 2006

The New Anatolian - Simit Sarayı competes with McDonald’s

"Simit Sarayı competes with McDonald’s

EkoTürk News Agency / Istanbul
29 September 2006

Referring to the franchise bids that Simit Sarayı receives from all over the world, company partner Haluk Okutur says: “Our goal is to run until we gave one more store than McDonald’s”. The goal of Simit Sarayı, which introduced many variations to the traditional Turkish snack ‘simit’, and turned it into a significant fast food option with more than 30 branches in İstanbul and 4 or 5 branches each in many other cities, is to become more widespread than world giant McDonalds with more branches.
A partner of Simit Sarayı Company, Haluk Okutur says they would like to see a Simit Sarayı sign all over the world, adding: “McDonald’s currently has 34,000 stores. Our goal is to run until we have one more store than McDonald’s. For the last year, we have been sending to all Simit Sarayı stores the products that we produce in the Samandıra factory. These products comply with hygienic standards, have a very high quality and are under the supervision of food engineers. We deliver through a cold chain.”"

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