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Friday, September 29, 2006

Can We Condemn This?

"Can We Condemn This?
Published: 9/29/2006


HURRIYET- Europe, European countries and Europeans always think that they are right. You could see a typical example in yesterday’s newspapers. Ahead of general elections to be held in the Netherlands on Nov. 22, two separate Dutch parties removed three Turkish-origin politicians from their lists of candidates to run for a seat in Parliament. Christian Democrat Appeal (CDA) officials decided to expel Ayhan Tonca and Osman Elmaci from the party because they denied the existence of the so-called Armenian genocide. The Labor Party of the Netherlands also expelled Erdinc Sacan for the same reason. Elmaci and Tonca were first flexible in the face of this pressure. But as they were expected to state it in written form, they resisted. And they were expelled after this resistance."

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