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Friday, June 30, 2006

Turkey: Manufacturing

"Turkey: Manufacturing

(EIU Viewswire Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) COUNTRY BACKGROUND


Manufacturing accounts for 90% of total exports of goods

Manufacturing output has been a major driver of economic growth since the 1960s. Including basic processing industries like iron and steel and oil refining, it accounts for well over 90% of merchandise exports and 17-18% of employment. Most kinds of consumer goods are domestically manufactured in significant quantity and variety. However, in some areas, a modern domestic industry never developed (mobile telephones, cameras, timepieces) or imports have come to dominate the market (small household appliances and utensils). Industrial machinery and a wide variety of industrial materials, such as chemicals, plastics and building materials, are also produced within the country, although not always in sufficient quantity or variety to meet domestic demand. Production of electronic components and some other industrial parts is limited. The majority of exports are made up of consumer goods. The television industry and a large section of the clothing and textiles industry are primarily geared to exporting, and numerous other manufacturing industries export a significant share of their output."

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