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Friday, December 23, 2005

Pamuk and Turkey's unfinished modernization

"Pamuk and Turkey's unfinished modernization
The Daily Star Middle East | Kaelen Wilson-Goldie


Just as the trial of Orhan Pamuk stumbled off the blocks last Friday, a judge in Istanbul called a false start. A few minutes after the trial began, judge Metin Aydin announced he was postponing the proceedings until next February 7 on a technicality.

Pamuk is Turkey's most celebrated novelist. His books, such as 'Snow,' 'My Name is Red,' and 'The Black Book,' have earned critical acclaim, immense international popularity, and translations into some 40 different languages. Regularly cited as a top contender for the Nobel Prize for literature, Pamuk is a dazzling and eclectic stylist with the ability to coil myriad anecdotes into the structure of a single perspicacious story. He is known to be reclusive and introverted, but talks up a storm in interviews."

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