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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Beliefnet.com: How do Muslims view Sex?


How do Muslims view Sex

As it turns out, human reproduction accomplished by what moral theologians sometimes call "genital expression" is not limited to any race, creed, or ethnicity. Only occupants of well-heeled think tanks are believed to be exceptions. Otherwise, anthropologists and missionaries report finding that big people are playing with tiny versions of themselves everywhere they go. And there's no shortage of little Muslims. It's sex all right, no two ways about it. There's only one way we know of, short of still uncommon technological means such as artificial insemination, that will get the job done on a large scale. Sex, sex, and more sex. Some out there may think Muslims don't approve of sex because champagne toasts (or any alcohol) before or after anything at all is banned in Islam. Doesn't matter. Conjugal acts are GOOD. Carnal relations (now we're getting risque) enjoy a wholesome reputation within Islam. Sex is seen as a means by which husband and wife complete each other and have fun. Yes, have fun. Muslim teaching doesn't simply put up with sex as the necessary means of keeping the local schools filled. It considers sex pure pleasure. It's a Divine Mercy, completely condoned, eroticism and all. Contraceptives are also accepted by mutual consent. A big advantage over the Catholics and fundamentalist Christians who don't.