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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Anatolia Times-Virtual Memorial For Victims Of Massacres Committed By Armenians

"Virtual Memorial For Victims Of Massacres Committed By Armenians
ANKARA - A ''virtual memorial'' has been formed on the internet for more than one million victims of massacres committed by Armenians, it was reported on Friday.

The internet site has been prepared in English, French and Spanish and it says that ''From eastern Anatolia (1914-1922) to Azerbaijan (1988-1994), massive slaughters perpetrated by Armenians caused more than one million dead. We rise this Virtual Memorial in the memory of the graveless and forgotten victims of those denied genocides. This Memorial is also dedicated to all the victims of Armenian terrorism (1975-1985) that spilled the blood of innocent people in Europe and United-States of America.''

''Write your name and drop a flower to the memory of the forgotten victims. All together, let's break the silence... So memory can live!''

''http://memorial.imprescriptible.us/index.php'' is the address of the internet site."

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