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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hürriyet-‘Police officers and Imams need to be educated’

"‘Police officers and Imams need to be educated’

While the police say, “we’re not in charge of this matter, you can do what you like”, the imams preach to women that they “deserve to be beaten if you don’t do what your husband tells you”. The situation needs to change.

Anne Brigette Albrectsen, representative of The United Nations Population Fund, stated that the police and religious leaders do not do enough to prevent love-crimes. She said that “these civil servants, who have a great impact on society, should re-examine the advice they give and the wording they use”. The United Nations Population Fund report on love-crimes –which never seem to leave the Turkish agenda, reveals striking results. Albrectsen commented that ‘Some police officers, religious leaders and teachers give society the wrong messages when it comes to love-crimes’."