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Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Eco-Tidbits from Turkey

"March Eco-Tidbits from Turkey
by Jennifer Hattam, Istanbul, Turkey on 03.29.09
Business & Politics (news)

turkey istanbul metrobus red-breasted merganser bird photo
Istanbul expanded its bus rapid transit system, while climate change drove the red-breasted merganser out of Turkey. Photos via OrtaSepha.com (left) and by teddy llovet via Flickr

The 5th World Water Forum held two weeks ago in Istanbul dominated the city's news this month, but other environmentally related events were afoot in March too. Once again, we wrap up some of the month's news from Turkey, developments that prompted reactions of both 'süper' (yep, just like in English, but with an umlaut) and 'maalesef' (unfortunately):"

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