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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Book Exchange

"Book Exchange

Mavi Boncuk |

Kostas Emilios Tsolakidis - Belki Bir Gün Dönerim / To Hroniko Mias Zois
September 2007 - Turkey

Tasos Avgerinos - Sefiller Kervanı/ To Karavani Ton Yimnon
October 2007 - Turkey

Kemal Yalçın - Emanet Çeyiz/Dowry on Loan

One novel is entitled 'Dowry on Loan', which is based on a true-life story. Indeed, the author reveals that there were one thousand Greeks living peacefully with one thousand Turks in his native City of Honaz in the Denizli region. One day in September 1920 all the Greek men disappeared from the town."

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