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Monday, December 31, 2007

Turkish Treasury pays $17.1 bln in foreign debt in 2007

"Turkish Treasury pays $17.1 bln in foreign debt in 2007

The New Anatolian / Ankara
31 December 2007

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Turkish Treasury repaid a total of 17.1 billion USD in foreign debt in 2007.

The Treasury made the biggest amount of repayment on monthly basis with 3.19 billion USD in October 2007. The Treasury repaid 1.25 billion USD in January, 2.85 billion USD in February, 848 million USD in March, 1.34 billion USD in April, 1.78 billion USD in May, 861.8 million USD in June, 1.02 billion USD in July, 1.01 billion USD in August, 1.46 billion USD in September, 3.19 billion USD in October, 638.1 million USD in November and 839.1 million USD in December."

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