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Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Bird's Eye View - Turkish Daily News Dec 29, 2007

"A Bird's Eye View
Saturday, December 29, 2007


Every December, particularly since 2004, EU Summits have been making important statements concerning the relations between the EU and Turkey. At the 2004 Summit, the EU decided to start accession negotiations with Turkey. Since then, these negotiations have been proceeding at a slow but steady pace. However, Turkey still has not implemented the Adaptation Protocol vis-à-vis Cyprus which had been placed as a condition for starting the accession negotiations.This December the EU Summit in its paragraph concerning Turkey did not mention the magic words accession negotiations but instead used the words intergovernmental negotiations. Immediately after that the Turkish humans went bananas and started accusing the EU of canceling the accession negotiations and other kind of similar nonsense.Now we birds would like to inform the Turkish humans that their panic and anger were in vain. The decision to start accession negotiations with Turkey was taken by all the member-states of the EU. Consequently to stop these negotiations, a new decision will be required and this is something that has not happened or is anticipated to happen. So why all this unnecessary noise?The only human in Turkey who kept his cool was the Erdoğan man. "

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