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Saturday, May 23, 2015

“Addressing the EU Affairs”: The Admission of Turkey

“Addressing the EU Affairs”: The Admission of Turkey
Anant Mishra 05.22.15

The European Union has been able to sustain itself for decades because of its long term commitment to peace and international stability. The willingness of member nations to come together on a single platform and cooperate for the greater good has strengthened the organization extensively. The EU has been extremely cautious, more or less, when it comes to adding new members as it does not want to risk losing cooperation and balance, which it has worked hard to maintain. Turkey’s application for membership to the EU poses a great concern for the EU as it exposes questions on its current membership policies, questions to which none of the member nations will respond. The EU has been quite clear about its membership policies, however, when it comes to the admission of Turkey, the path becomes murkier.

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