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Monday, January 29, 2007

News.bg - Only 25% of EU Citizens Approve of Newcomers Bulgaria, Romania

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Only 25% of EU Citizens Approve of Newcomers Bulgaria, Romania

A new survey by FT-Harris poll shows that most adults in the largest European countries think migration has reduced wages and only a quarter have a positive view of the entry into the European Union this year of Bulgaria and Romania.

The poll also showed that an overwhelming majority of citizens in the big eurozone countries believe the euro has damaged their national economies, highlighting the popular scepticism that still surrounds Europe's eight-year-old monetary union. More than two-thirds of the French, Italians and Spanish - and more than half of Germans - believe the single currency has had a "negative impact", according to an FT-Harris poll. In France, just 5 per cent said the euro has had a positive effect on the French economy. The results come at a time when eurozone growth prospects have brightened, thanks largely to a pick-up in Germany, the largest of the region's 13 member countries. The ECB is expected next week to prepare financial markets for another interest rate increase in March. Note EU-Digest: results from this poll show once again what a poor job European politicians and EU member states are doing at promoting the benefits of the EU