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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Turkish Companies Spending Big Money on Sponsorships

"Turkish Companies Spending Big Money on Sponsorships
By Alper Sancar, Hasan Bozkurt
Published: Sunday July 31, 2005

Sponsorship, which was not demanded by even big holdings till 10 years ago, has become a huge sector with the international successes of Turkey in recent years.

Companies have turned to sponsorship to create a trademark image and the size of this sector has increased to half a billion dollars. It is possible now to see name of a company whenever a team wins a cup, has success in a tournament, or even in a concert. The theory is that consumers do not buy only a product or service but a life style, experiences, stories and feelings served by that product. The specialists noted that as the Turkish National Team won third place in World Cup 2002, the sector flourished and this has benefitted the sector."

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