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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Independent Online Edition > Raising the dead in old Lycia

"Raising the dead in old Lycia
The buzzing harbour town of Kas provided a gateway to an ancient world for Linda Cookson
Published: 30 July 2005

"The sarcophagus in front of us is more than 2,000 years old," explains the wiry old chap who has suddenly appeared at our side, halfway up a dusty street. "It was built for a powerful man whose name is long forgotten," he continues. Instead, it's known simply as the Lion Tomb - after the four carved lions glaring stonily from each corner. He points to the inscription. "Shall I read?" We nod respectfully, awaiting an Ozymandias moment. He clears his throat. "It say: 'Here I lie for many years'." He claps his arm around our shoulders: "Until two nice people come all way from England to buy carpet from their new friend Ahmet.""

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