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Monday, March 28, 2005

Turkish Daily News - Flags and beyond

"Flags and beyond
Monday, March 28, 2005
There's never a dull moment in Turkey because the agenda changes almost daily, at the latest weekly. That's why diplomats, journalists and academics are never bored in this country. The latest issue is the surge of nationalistic feelings sweeping through the land in the form of flag waving at places ranging from home windows, moving cars and office buildings to TV screens. (At the corner of every TV screen is a flag as instructed by the highest official who sets the boundaries of proper -- read this as patriotic -- action in TV-radio broadcasting.) What is happening? Are we under siege of an alien power or mobilizing for a near and present danger of occupation? There may be several million people in Turkey who would give a positive answer to both these questions; however, a more realistic, although simpler, answer is that two Kurdish youngsters aged 12 and 14 desecrated the national flag during Nevroz demonstrations in Mersin last week. "

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