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Monday, March 28, 2005

JTW News - Lawyers act in Turkish flag row

"Lawyers act in Turkish flag row
Comment by JTW to following BBC news item:
First of all, Gen. Hilmi Ozkok's comment doesn't created hatred. Hatred was there when the two boys tried to burn the flag.
The second is, (Reference : Leyla Zana's and Orhan Dogan's comments) Turkish and Kurdish people individualised this event instead of using it as a tool to blame Kurds. There is no incident of Turks attacking Kurds after this event. BBC will definitely report this, if any event like `Turks attacking Kurds` should have been happened.
British understanding expects this event to turn into a something like Asians against BNP(British National Party) as in North England. But we strongly encourage our readers to search for any hatred incidents in Turkey -both in Turkish and English, happened in the last month. "

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