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Monday, March 28, 2005

Justin McCarthy: A one-man army

"Justin McCarthy: A one-man army
Published: 3/28/2005
Latest wire from AFP

HURRIYET- It’s obvious why we can’t disprove the Armenian allegations, because we don’t know what happened in the years 1915-16. Moreover, unlike the Armenians’ fervent belief in their allegations, we don’t have a strong belief in the fact that we are right. As with every issue, we are so lazy that we prefer to stay silent instead of fighting. I was thinking about this when I was talking with Justin McCarthy from the University of Louisville after his conference at Marmara University. ‘The Armenian allegations are a great lie and their documents are false. Turkey has to fight these slanders, but I have to admit I’m not positive that it will do so,’ he told me."

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