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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Cyprus problem: Intractable—or insoluble? | The Economist

The Cyprus problem
Intractable—or insoluble?
Hopes of settling the Cyprus problem are starting to look unrealistic
Nov 29th 2014 | NICOSIA | From the print edition

EUROPEAN UNION countries loudly criticise Russia for creating frozen conflicts in Georgia, Moldova and, now, Ukraine. Yet they are quieter about their own case of Cyprus, an EU member with an unrecognised Turkish-Cypriot north. This frozen conflict is older: over 50 years have passed since clashes broke out between Turkish- and Greek-Cypriots, 40 since Turkey invaded and grabbed northern Cyprus and ten since the Annan plan for unification that Turkish-Cypriots accepted but Greek-Cypriots rejected.

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