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Friday, September 28, 2012

Shopping: A Turkish delight - Analysis - DNA

Shopping: A Turkish delight
Seema Mustafa

Unlike the last time around when there were no direct flights to Turkey, this time the journey was made in six and a half hours flat, courtesy Turkish Airlines. Bad seats, good service, decent food and a fare of movies to choose from; it was all said and done, a happy flight. And landed you straight in Istanbul where the entire world seemed to have collected, with tourists pouring out of every crack in the woodwork. But unlike India and many other countries where the shopkeepers fawn over the western travellers, in Turkey there was no such display of servility. Some bargaining, not too much, with a ‘take it if you like it” approach descending suddenly into the “get out, don’t waste our time” attitude for hard core window shoppers.

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