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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dark, darker, darkest - NURAY MERT

Dark, darker, darkest

In less than a week’s time, Turkey has witnessed three major, worrying events, one after another. On Nov. 24, we learned that Turkey downed a Russian jet on the Syrian border. It was a dark day, since we did not know if we were on the verge of a war while wondering how it all happened. What was more worrying was that at first, the president and the governing party sounded jubilant as the pro-government media came out with celebratory headlines that Turkey had showed its strength. Nevertheless, even the president was surprised that there was applause in the room when he announced that Turkey had downed a Russian jet, forcing him to inform them that it was not something to celebrate. Then, he and his party tried to retreat from their first position but to no avail. Finally, Turkey ended up with a newborn crisis with Russia.

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