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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Istanbul face recog cameras scan 15000 faces/sec

"Istanbul face recog cameras scan 15000 faces/sec on Saturday May 23, @09:15AM

Istanbul's popular (and crowded) Istiklal shopping, cafe and restaurant street is being outfitted with 64 wirelessly controlled, tamperproof face recognition cameras attached to a computer system capable of scanning 15000 faces in a moving crowd per second for a positive match. The Samanyolu article (badly translated by Google) states that 3 cameras are in place so far and that if trials are successful, this will mark the first time such a system, previously used by Scottland Yard and normally reserved for indoor security use, is put to use in a public outdoor setting. It also notes that each camera controlled by the system is capable of "locking onto" the faces of known criminals and pickpockets detected in the crowd and "tracking" their movements for up to 300 metres before the next, closer placed camera takes over."

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