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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

'The West does not have to Love us'

"'The West does not have to Love us'

The New York Times, one of the major newspapers in the United States, recently published a news analysis entitled "Turks, nervous about EU prospects turn to USA." The article reported that a well-known businessman, addressing his colleagues at a meeting in Izmit had said, "Don't count on the European Union, our real friend is the US…" The author argued that this idea is spreading in Turkey (Craig S. Smith, June 11). It is true that following the French and Dutch "no"s to the EU draft constitution in referenda held in these countries (mainly due to the false impression that Turkey will become an EU member tomorrow), and the EU plunging into the worst crisis in its history, there are many who claim that Ankara will once more turn to Washington. "

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