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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Islam Online- West Misjudged, Mistreated Islam: Swiss Expert

"....EU & Turkey

On Turkey’s bid to join the European Union, Hottinger said refusal to allow the admission of Muslim but secular Turkey would be a “big mistake”.

He cautioned that such a position would have major consequences as it would prove the view of 'Muslim extremists' that the West is not willing to make any rapprochement with Islam and Muslims.

“It will also prove that Europe is a Christians-only continent and will cast doubts on efforts to bridge the gaps between the two sides.”

Last December, the European Union agreed to open membership talks with Turkey to join the 25-nation bloc.

The Swiss expert warned that a possible no will also have more negative consequences on Turkey’s domestic front.

“The Turkish Army would see the concessions made to join the EU fruitless, which would cause relapse on democratic reforms in the country....”"

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