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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Anatolia Times- Farewell Ceremony For Taschji, A Friend Of Turks...

"Farewell Ceremony For Taschji, A Friend Of Turks...
NEW YORK - A farewell ceremony was held on Monday in New Jersey for Edward Taschji, an American friend of Turks, who passed away last Wednesday (June 22nd).

The religious ceremony was held at St. Marks Syrian Orthodox Church for Taschji and his coffin was wrapped in a Turkish flag. Turkish prayers were also read in the ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, Turkish Consul General to New York Omer Onhon said that Taschji was a man of peace who founded bridges between different cultures and peoples.

Ata Erim, chairman of the Federation of Turkish-American Associations (TADF), referred with great gratitude to the studies and services Taschji made for Turks. ''I am an Armenian, but not a traitorous one,'' Erim quoted the words of Taschji.

Edward Taschji was buried in Laurel Cemetery in New Jersey with Ataturk badge on his collar, his license plate written ''Vatan--meaning 'Motherland' in Turkish'' on it and his new book ''I am Called A Friend of Turks, Armenian Allegations, The Truth Must be Told.''

TADF met the expenses of Taschji's funeral upon the demand of Turks living in the U.S."

The Anatolia Times-Farewell Ceremony For Taschji, A Friend Of Turks...