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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

CJAD 800 : Turkish bestseller describes war against America, exposing fears

"Turkish bestseller describes war against America, exposing fears
Updated at 20:47 on February 22, 2005, EST.
ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) - It's the year 2007, and U.S. troops in northern Iraq fire on a group of Turkish commandos, setting off a war between the two NATO allies.
U.S. tanks quickly pour across the Iraqi border into Turkey, annihilating Turkish forces while U.S. warplanes target Istanbul. A Turkish agent, acting on his own initiative, exacts his revenge. He detonates a nuclear bomb in a park in Washington that levels the U.S. capital.
Turkey's new hot-selling novel is Metal Storm, and although it is pure thriller, it highlights the deep fears that many Turks harbour that the U.S. invasion of Iraq will put the decades-long allies on a collision course. "

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