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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Reuters AlertNet - Global anti-smoking pact goes into effect

"Global anti-smoking pact goes into effect
27 Feb 2005 11:17:35 GMT

Source: Reuters

By Stephanie Nebehay
GENEVA, Feb 27 (Reuters) - A global treaty aimed at dissuading children from smoking and helping adults kick the habit came into force on Sunday with the United Nations saying it could save millions of lives.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) applauded the strong warnings on cigarette packages and the eventual ban on tobacco advertising and sponsorship laid down in the the world's first international public health treaty.

....Douglas Bettcher, treaty coordinator, was upbeat. "We are happy to report that industry is not winning this game."

Some of the largest tobacco growers -- India, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand and Turkey -- as well as cigarette producing countries such as Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey are among those which ratified have the treaty, he said."

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