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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

MWC News Magazine:New Cold War & US-RUSSIAN BRATISLAVA Summit

"New Cold War
Written by Gajendra Singh

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by Gajendra Singh
This is an assessment of unfolding differences between USA and Russia, which are still bridgeable .It, will all depend on how the Bratislava summit goes.
Gajendra 22 February 2005. Bucharest

....Russia and Middle East;

Since the US invasion of Iraq , many Arab leaders have solicited Moscow's role in the region to counterbalance the United States. On January 18 , Putin visited Turkey and soon hosted Turkish Prime minister Recep Tayep Erdogan with increasing economic cooperation and exchange of terror related information. Turkey remains angry as US has taken no action against Turkey’s insurgent Kurds now living in North Iraq . Nor is India happy with the lack of US pressure on Pakistan , which harbors Jihadis and terrorist who enter India and create havoc."

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