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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Turkey Gives Note To E.U.

"Turkey Gives Note To E.U.
Anadolu Agency: 12/30/2004
ANKARA (AA) - The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that opinions about the December 17th EU summit proposals on which Turkey did not agree had been noted with a note given to the European Union (EU) on December 23rd, and a decision would be reached on long transition periods, derogations, safeguard clauses and exceptional arrangements, which were among the summit decisions, through a compromise also with Turkey.
Releasing a statement, the Foreign Ministry recalled that the 23rd paragraph of the presidency conclusions of the December 17th summit of EU heads of state and government included several recommendations to the EU Commission which might be considered regarding determination of the position that the EU would adopt during entry talks with new candidate countries. "

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