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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Our Old Friend, The U.S.

"Our Old Friend, The U.S.
BYEGM: 12/29/2004

RADIKAL- We’re angry with the Americans, and not without reason. They treated our soldiers as prisoners of war by putting sacks on their heads, they’re failed to act against PKK terrorists, they don’t care about the killings of Turkish truck drivers or kidnappings of Turkish businessmen, and they’ve failed to keep their promises. However, don’t you think that there’s a deliberate message behind these acts? I guess Washington wants to say to us, ‘We’re friends and strategic allies, but you didn’t hold up your end. You left me standing alone when I was going to war, and didn’t keep your promises. I’ll support you just as much as you supported me.’ It would be a diplomatic faux pas for the US to say it openly, but this is their indirect message to us, that is, ‘You reap what you sow.’ Behind this stance, there is the desire to discipline us by taking the wind out of our sails. The US wants to say, ‘Our work in Iraq isn’t finished yet. The situation might get worse. You’ll either cooperate with us, or a Kurdish state will be established in northern Iraq with the PKK still there.’ The US is ignoring our requests, which might indicate that a long bargaining process is continuing.’"

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