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Friday, December 24, 2004

The Journal of Turkish Weekly:The New Star of the European Union: Does It Shine in France?

"The New Star of the European Union: Does It Shine in France?
The anxiety, fear, curiosity.. These are still dominant feelings in France after the big day, 17th December, in Brussels. The negative voices are still very loud. The question marks did not find their results. What will happen? Will Turkey be successful in its �Europe journey�? What will be the stance of French government and Chirac?
It can be said that the Turkey issue separated not only the public but also the politicians. Turkey is now a political apparatus in France that controls and manipulates the domestic and foreign affairs.
The President Chirac continues to defend his pro-Turkey stance. As he has hesitations because of the presidential election while the majority of the public are against the membership of Turkey to the European Union, he stated that Turkey will be successful in its journey that will start on 3rd October 2005. He also added that this will be a long and difficult way, as Le Monde reported. However, he highlighted that he wishes a happy �marriage� between Turkey and European Union. "

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