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Monday, December 27, 2004

Otari: Kurdish State is Also Our Red Line

"Otari: Kurdish State is Also Our Red Line

Despite threats to his country, Prime Minister Naji Al Otari of Syria, answered questions from Zaman's foreign news editor, Abdulhamid Bilici.
Relations between Damascus and Ankara are developing at such a pace that it is eliciting envy in some centers. Considering such potential, why did the two countries wait for so long?
Unfortunately, there were some negative factors in between. Prime Minister Erdogan's visit revealed the insignificance of these factors. Also, Erdogan saw the love of our people for Turkey, and for himself. Our people respect him. Especially for the recent sensitivity he showed for the suffering of the Palestinian people and the tough reaction to Israel, as well as the policy that he followed in Iraq. "

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