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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Journal of Turkish Weekly:Greek Cypriot Leader Papadopulous: We Won by Saying No!

"Greek Cypriot Leader Papadopulous: We Won by Saying No!
Greek Cypriot leader Tasus Papadopulous said that the policy of Turkey until October 3, 2005 was clear; to find a solution dissolving his republic and avoiding recognising it.

He said 'On the pretext of carrying out talks in Cyprus, Turkey tries to avoid recognizing the Cyprus Republic.'

'It was right to predict that once we entered the European Union, our negotiating power in Cyprus will increase and we shall have a right of word to say about Turkey's membership. It was not right to predict that supporting the Annan Plan was right.'

The Greek side strongly rejected UN Peace Plan before Greek side's EU entry. The EU and the UN had warned the Greek Government, and promised the Turkish side to put an end international isolation of the Turkish side. Yet neither UN nor the EU has done anything so far. The Greek side now see no need for any change in its solid position, while the Brussels still continue to make pressure on Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot Government.

28 December 2004"

The Journal of Turkish Weekly