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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Turkstream Dream

The Turkstream Dream

Published by Joshua Noonan
August 27, 2015

On 10 August, a key Kremlin official stated that the Turkish government is looking over offers concerning the construction of the proposed Turk Stream pipeline. This follows the February survey activities of the Russian gas giant, Gazprom which surveyed a 110-mile long section land route. This trans-Euxine pipeline was proposed after the European Union blocked the construction of the South Stream pipeline on market-concentration grounds. As a riposte to this action Gazprom, with the support of the Russian government, proposed the construction of Turkstream. According to the Kremlin official “currently, the Turkish side is considering the offers” while Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak stated in early August that the government was ready to sign a partial intergovernmental agreement within weeks.

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