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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Behind the Veil - FORK & CORK

Behind the Veil

AYLİN ÖNEY TAN - aylinoneytan@yahoo.com

Gastronomy is becoming the main motive of tourism. The hospitality and catering industry is growing quickly in Turkey; one proof is that the worldwide event Sirha is now celebrating its second year in Istanbul. The event took place last week between Nov. 27 and 29 at the Istanbul Congress Center, hosting 180 exhibitors to meet the increasing needs and requirements in all sectors of the hotel and restaurant trade. Among the many successful events, panels, discussions and competitions, one unfortunate incident cast a shadow on the future of gastronomy tourism in Turkey. The
wine and spirit section was ridiculously small, placed in an awkward corner, and tightly veiled behind heavy curtains hidden from visitor’s eyes. Officials and bodyguards strictly guarded all access to the spirit section, practically keeping that section off the limits.

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