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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Moscow-Ankara: is the Golden Age going on? | Vestnik Kavkaza

Moscow-Ankara: is the Golden Age going on?

Nobody can say whether the stories are connected or not. “It is accepted among turkologists to describe the Russian-Turkish relations of the recent period as a "Golden Age" of Russian-Turkish relations, as there has never been such a level of political, economic and regional interaction in the entire five-hundred-year history of the relations of our countries,” Irina Svistunova, senior research associate of the Russian institute of strategic researches, expert turkologist, told Vestnik Kavkaza. “Of course, the situation in the Middle East has a certain effect on our relationship, but, despite an extensive discussion of this subject in the press, we can witness that the leaders of our countries are making every effort to eliminate the political differences. A task has been set by the leaders of our countries, now it is at the level of 35 billion. If we remember that 10 years ago it made only 3 billion, we will see that progress was considerable. In addition to socio-cultural contacts, the number of Russian tourists visiting Turkey has grown, last year it exceeded 4 million. Russia takes second place for the number of the tourists visiting Turkey. It is a record indicator, and all tendencies remain for growth. Relations are developing in various spheres - economic, political, scientific.”

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