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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Awesome Blossom: Travelogue Turkey: Beautiful Sophia

"Travelogue Turkey: Beautiful Sophia
I stand under the great dome of Hagia Sophia, inhale deeply and subtly wipe the tears from the corner of my eyes.

Yeah, cheesy. But seriously, I do cry. A bit.

My sentimental value towards this building is akin, presumably, to a die-hard Manchester United fan from Malaysia finally stepping inside the glorious Old Trafford. A guy who spends his whole life watching the games in front of the idiot box thousand of miles away from where the action really is, wondering how awesome it would be to be one of the spectators in the stadium. He knows the arena and its history inside out, and probably can recite all the notable games ever played there. He has never been to Old Trafford, but he has always been there, you know? Thus on the day when he finally steps on the green pitch of the stadium, it is as if he is returning to someplace familiar."

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