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Sunday, February 09, 2020

The US has already lost Turkey

The US has already lost Turkey

Cem Gürdeniz
Last week, the RAND Company, which has a budget of $350 million and is supported by the US government and the CIA, released a report on Turkey. The 243-page report, entitled “Turkey’s Nationalist Course: Implications for the US-Turkish Strategic Partnership and the US Army” was compiled by 10 different authors, including a former Naval Officer Stephen Larrabee. Larrabee is an analyst who knows a great deal about the AKP and the Turkish politics, as do his colleagues Graham Fuller and George Friedman: he has published many articles and research about Turkey in the past. Nonetheless, this report did not have a large public impact in Turkey for two reasons. The first is that the importance of the Atlantic system, or we can say the United States, in Turkish public opinion, has weakened significantly. The number of people who treat every report published in the United States about Turkey as a holy text grows less and less by the month. Second, as we move away from a unipolar world and toward a multipolar world, the Asian century has begun, and the entire framework of geopolitcs is being reassessed.

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