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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Muslim Influence is Declining in Turkey - World Religion News

Muslim Influence is Declining in Turkey

Pushing political Islam has the opposite effect

The results of a survey released by Konda research have made it clear Turkey is going towards a more secular future. This is surprising as the present government pursues political Islam. The poll has compared views touching on multiple lifestyle aspects among present-day Turks with those polled in 2008. About 55 percent described themselves as pious in the earlier survey. In contrast, only 51 percent responded the same in 2018. The same decade witnessed the rise in the number of individuals “without belief” or atheists from two percent to five percent. The findings by Konda suggests that a rising number of Turks, although religious and conservative, feel much less restricted by Islamic rules. They are also more aware when it comes to the rights of women. They are also much more tolerant of multiple religious viewpoints.

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