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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Doyen of Turkish cinema dies at 83 - Daily Sabah

Doyen of Turkish cinema dies at 83

Turkish film and theater actor Fikret Hakan passed away while undergoing treatment for lung cancer at the age of 83.

His real name was Bumin Gaffar Çıtanak, yet he was known as Fikret Hakan in the theater and film world. He was born on April 23, 1934 in the province of Balıkesir to a nurse mother and a literature teacher father. When Hakan's father was transferred to Galatasaray High School in Istanbul, the family moved to the city When he was at high school, he was interested in journalism and worked with the Istanbul Express newspaper, for which veteran journalists Abdi İpekçi and Halit Kıvanç also worked and was owned by Mithat Perin. He started earning money when his stories began to be published, which caused him to drift away from school. He first performed at Ses Theater as a clown in the "Three Doves" operetta in 1950. Then, he changed his name and acted in "Leblebici Horhor" and "Afrodit."

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