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Friday, June 30, 2006

European Commission approves EU Office in North

"European Commission approves EU Office in North


After discussions on Friday and Monday the European Commission finally decided how to allocate the139 million Euros in financial aid to the Turkish Cypriots, an amount to be followed by 120 million euros in forthcoming years. This is the highest amount, per capita, of aid ever given by the EU. According to the decision an office will be set up in the North for the purpose of managing the aid; it will not be autonomous, as the overall supervision of the package will come under the Commission's offices in the Southern part of the island. The EU Commission has decided to set up a bi-communal mechanism through a written procedure to bring the communities closer to one another following the Financial Aid planned to be given to the Turkish Cypriots. The first decisions related to the mechanism were made in Brussels on June 23."

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